Residential Magnetic Filter

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  • Residential Magnetic Filter Video Tutorial Link: Youtube 
  • Removes metallic particles, magnetite, dirt, and all things harmful to your circulator pumps/system
  • Unique design allows non-metallic objects to settle and stay at the bottom of the filter
  • Permanently installed in-line in your hydronic system
  • Shutoff valves isolate the filter and allow you to remove the cap and wash off the magnet
  • Connections swivel and can be installed in many different orientations (see brochure below)
  • Max recommended flow rate:
    • MagFilter Pro = 15gpm
    • MagFilter Pro XL = 21gpm
  • Inlet/Outlet sizes:
    • MagFilter Pro = 1” FNPT connections
    • MagFilter Pro XL = 1.25" FNPT connections
  • Sales Brochure:  PDF Download
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